Babar Azam Shatters Yet Another ODI Cricket Record!

Today we have brought some electrifying news from world cricket for Bangladeshi cricket lovers. Our eyes are on none other than the dynamic Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Get ready to be amazed as we dive into the latest record that Babar has shattered in One Day International (ODI) cricket.

Babar Azam’s Record-Breaking Feat

Hold on to your hats, cricket fans, because Babar Azam is rewriting the history books once again! In a recent ODI match against Afghanistan in Hambantota, Babar Azam showcased his unparalleled brilliance and etched his name in the record books.

During this thrilling encounter, Babar Azam achieved a new milestone. He now proudly holds the title of having the most runs (5142) after his first 100 ODI innings. Let that sink in – Babar Azam’s remarkable journey has seen him amass a staggering 5142 runs in his first century of ODI innings.

Whole world is appreciating Babar for his new achievement. The previous record holder of this impressive feat was none other than Hashim Amla, who notched up 4946 runs in his first 100 ODI innings. Babar performance is really amazing in all three formats of cricket and this feat proves his presence and aura on the cricket field.

With this record-breaking achievement, Babar Azam has firmly secured the top spot among the cricketers with the most runs after their first 100 ODI innings.

Babar Azam Entered at the Elite Club

Babar has entered in the elite club of Batsman. He is now among the legend batsmen. Let’s take a quick look at the illustrious names that accompany Babar Azam in this elite club. Hashim Amla, the previous record holder, now stands second with his incredible 4946 runs. The legendary Viv Richards third at the chart with 4607 runs. Shai Hope and Joe Root complete this star-studded lineup with their impressive runs of 4436 and 4428, respectively.

Babar Azam’s journey in ODI cricket is quite impressive. Every time he amazes us with his skills. With his dedication, skill, and passion for the game, he is continuously achieving many feats and breaking records every day. So, let’s raise our cheers and salute the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, our very own Babar Azam!

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