How Bangladesh is Planning to Counter Wrist Spin?

Bangladesh’s Strategy to counter Wrist Spin

As the Asia Cup and World Cup approach, Bangladesh is gearing up to counter wrist spin, a challenge rarely faced. Karapak Jiya, a lesser-known Indian spinner with unique skills, has been brought in to bolster the Tigers’ training camp.

Jiyas, an Indian cricketer based in the UAE, specializes in chinaman bowling, an artful form of wrist spin. He is not a stranger to Bangladeshi cricketers, Bangladeshi players has played him earlier few times.

The former T20 consultant of Bangladesh, Sridharan Sriram, recognized Jiyas’ potential and introduced him to the Tigers’ camp before the previous Asia Cup. Jiyas proved his worth during that stint and continued to assist the team in the T20 World Cup as well.

As the Asia Cup looms, Jiyas has been summoned once again to bolster Bangladesh’s preparations. Living in the academy building in Mirpur, he is ready to lend his expertise as long as the team requires.

Jiyas’ association with Sriram goes back to 2017, when he was introduced to the Australian cricket team’s nets. Practicing on Jiyas’ bowling helped the batters a lot in facing Indian spinners like Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal.

It was Shrinivas Chandrasekaran’s idea to include Jiya in the Bangladesh camp for practice. Shrinivas Chandrasekaran is the computer analyst of Bangladesh team. He has suggested the head coach head coach Chandika Hathurusingha to include this magical spinner to the Bangladeshi camp. Chandika Hathurusingha also saw potential in Jiya.

Despite Jiya has not been selected to any prestigious tournaments like the Ranji Trophy or Duleep Trophy, or IPL.  Jiyas helped Bangladesh on few occasions and proved himself as an invaluable asset in Bangladesh’s batters’ preparation in combating wrist spin. He was also got selected by Delhi DareDevil team in IPL But did not get any chance.

Due to Jiyas’ unique batting ability and his face, his friends call him Maxwell of Kerala, and not just the name, he actually has some fantastic qualities like Maxwell.

Bangladesh is preparing hard to counter spin in upcoming world cup. They have adapted many strategies, inclusion of Jiya is one of the opted strategies. Thinktanks are claiming it will be proved a master stroke and definitely help Bangladesh to counter wrist spin. Involvement of Jiya in Bangladeshi camp is clearly showing the dedication and effort by Bangladesh team and management for the preparation of upcoming events. Tigers are aiming to refine their skill by practicing with Karapak Jiya.

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