Bangladesh’s Triumph and Turmoil in the Cricket World

Bangladesh's cricket journey

Bangladesh’s cricket journey has been a rollercoaster of remarkable victories and contentious moments on the global stage. A recent clash against Sri Lanka in the World Cup witnessed Bangladesh’s glorious win, while also giving rise to heated disputes and a historic timed-out dismissal. In this article, we will explore the details of this exceptional victory and the controversies around it.

The Showdown: Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka

The highly anticipated match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the World Cup lived up to its billing. Sri Lanka, led by Charith Asalanka’s stunning century, set a challenging target of 279 runs. Asalanka’s impressive 108 off 105 balls displayed his power. However, Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, had a different plan in his mind.

Shakib Al Hasan’s Heroic Performance

Shakib Al Hasan, renowned for his batting power, rose to the occasion and spearheaded Bangladesh’s charge. Despite facing verbal altercations and immense pressure from the Sri Lankan side, Shakib remained composed and played a pivotal role in Bangladesh’s successful chase. His remarkable innings of 82 off 65 balls laid the foundation for Bangladesh’s victory

The Game-Changing Partnership

Najmul Hossain Shanto, partnered with Shakib Al Hasan, played with responsibility in Bangladesh’s triumph. Together, they formed a remarkable partnership, amassing 169 runs in just 149 balls. Shanto’s contribution of 90 off 101 balls played a crucial role in securing victory. Their partnership turned the tide of the match.

Controversy Unleashed: Angelo Mathews’ Timed-Out Dismissal

The game took an unforeseen turn when Angelo Mathews became the first player in international cricket history to be dismissed after a timed-out call. Mathews took his time to arrive at the crease and requested a new helmet before facing the first delivery. Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, appealed, and the umpires upheld the decision. Mathews displayed visible frustration as he walked off, marking a contentious moment in the game.

Controversy Unleashed: Angelo Mathews' Timed-Out Dismissal

Reactions Emerge: Justified or Disgraceful?

Mathews’ timed-out dismissal triggered a barrage of reactions from players and experts. Mathews voiced his disappointment, blaming the umpires and emphasizing the need for common sense in technology’s use. He labelled Shakib and the Bangladesh team’s conduct as disgraceful. In contrast, Shakib defended his actions, asserting that he did what was necessary to secure victory.

Sri Lanka’s Struggles in the World Cup

Sri Lanka’s defeat against Bangladesh underscored their challenges in the World Cup. Former Sri Lankan cricketer Farveez Maharoof shed light on the team’s struggles. Inconsistent performances and an inability to make a significant impact have raised concerns about Sri Lanka’s future in international cricket.

Bangladesh’s Historic Win and Future Prospects

Bangladesh’s victory against Sri Lanka in the World Cup not only secured their position in the tournament but also etched a historic moment in their cricket history. This victory, their first against Sri Lanka in the World Cup, propelled Bangladesh to the seventh spot in the points table. It also positioned them favourably in the race for the 2025 Champions Trophy. This triumph demonstrated Bangladesh’s growing prominence in international cricket.

Bangladesh's Historic Win and Future Prospects

Bangladesh’s Path to the Champions Trophy

With the victory against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh has positioned itself favourably for the 2025 Champions Trophy. Consistent performances in the remaining matches could secure them a coveted spot. The team’s persistent growth and remarkable displays raise hopes for their future in international cricket.

The Impact of Controversy

Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal and the ensuing controversies have ignited discussions about technology’s role and sportsmanship. The incident underscores the need for clear guidelines and the preservation of the game’s integrity. Cricket authorities and players must address these concerns to ensure fair play.


Bangladesh’s triumph against Sri Lanka in the World Cup was a historic milestone, showcasing their determination and skills at the international level. However, the controversy surrounding Angelo Mathews’ dismissal serves as a reminder of the challenges and debates inherent in cricket. Despite the ups and downs, Bangladesh’s promising performance and prospects generate anticipation for their future successes on the cricket field.

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