Bangladesh’s Cricket Queens: Fargana & Nahida Improve ICC Rankings

In the thrilling world of cricket, records are shattered, new milestones are set, and players rise to fame through their exceptional performances. Recently, the spotlight has been firmly on two talented players from the Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team – Fargana Hoque and Nahida Akter. Their outstanding contributions in the recently-concluded ODI series against India have not only earned them awards but also propelled them to higher ranks in the International Cricket Council, ICC rankings.

Fargana’s historic century and Nahida’s impressive rise among the bowlers have put Bangladesh on the global cricketing map like never before. 

Fargana Hoque’s Trailblazing Century

A historic moment unfolded in the ODI series against India when Fargana Hoque etched her name into the books of Bangladesh cricket history. On a memorable Saturday, Fargana became the first woman cricketer from Bangladesh to achieve the remarkable feat of scoring a century in One Day Internationals (ODIs). In her 53rd ODI match, Fargana displayed exceptional skill and composure as she played an innings of 107 runs. This extraordinary performance did not go unnoticed, as it earned her well-deserved recognition from the highest governing body of cricket, the ICC.

Recognition from ICC Ranking

Fargana’s exceptional performance not only earned her accolades but also propelled her to new heights in the ICC ODI batting rankings. The ICC recently released an update on women cricketers, and it brought delightful news for the talented batter. Fargana secured her debut entry into the top 20 of the ICC ODI batting rankings, settling comfortably at the 19th position. Sporting a career-best rating of 565, Fargana has established herself as one of the premier batters in women’s cricket, making the entire nation proud.

A Historical First for Bangladesh Women’s Cricket

Fargana’s rise in the ICC rankings marks a momentous occasion in the history of women’s cricket in Bangladesh. Prior to her achievement, Rumana Ahmed held the highest position in the ICC rankings for women cricketers.

In 2017, Rumana was ranked 25th in the ICC rankings, and now, Fargana has surpassed that record, reaching the 19th spot. This progress highlights the growth and development of women’s cricket in Bangladesh, showcasing the determination of players like Fargana to raise the bar higher.

Nahida Akter’s Impressive Ascent

While Fargana Hoque was making waves with her batting prowess, Nahida Akter was leaving her mark on the ICC rankings among the bowlers. The left-arm spinner showed tremendous improvement, climbing up to the 19th position by rising five steps. Nahida’s consistent performances with the ball have not only boosted her confidence but also earned her recognition on the global stage.

Aiming for Greater Heights

Before Nahida Akter’s rise, Salma Khatun had held the 20th position in the ICC rankings for bowlers. However, Nahida’s stellar performances have propelled her beyond that mark, highlighting her potential to become a prominent force in the world of women’s cricket. Her remarkable ascent is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport.

Fargana Hoque and Nahida Akter’s outstanding performances in the ODI series against India have not only earned them recognition and awards but have also significantly improved Bangladesh’s position in the ICC rankings. Fargana’s historic century and her entry into the top 20 of ICC ODI batting rankings, along with Nahida’s impressive rise among the bowlers, mark a turning point for women’s cricket in Bangladesh. These achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and reaffirm Bangladesh’s presence on the international cricketing stage. As these cricket queens continue to raise the bar, the future of women’s cricket in Bangladesh looks brighter than ever before.

However, While Fargana and Nahida made headlines for their achievements for Bangladesh, England star Natalie Sciver-Brunt also made waves in the cricketing world. Natalie’s recent form has been nothing short of exceptional, leading her to claim the coveted No.1 ranking for ODI batters

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