Chandika Hathurusingha: A Candid Look at Bangladesh’s World Cup Journey

Chandika Hathurusingha: A Candid Look at Bangladesh's World Cup Journey

Bangladesh’s head coach, Chandika Hathurusingha, shared candid insights on the team’s journey in the ongoing ICC World Cup, taking responsibility for the team’s performance and the challenges they faced. Despite entering the tournament with high expectations and a third-place ranking in the ICC Super League, Bangladesh’s campaign has been marked by a series of setbacks, leaving both fans and the team itself disappointed. 

Hathurusingha, speaking ahead of their match against Sri Lanka, acknowledged that the team, including himself, bears responsibility for their performance. He expressed the team’s disappointment, saying, “We have disappointed the fans. We have disappointed ourselves as well. We didn’t play our best cricket. Nothing has changed from the first game till now. The only thing that changed is what happened between our ears.” 

The coach emphasized that the team’s skills remained intact, and the issue lay in managing the high expectations. He noted that the desire to excel on the world stage may have caused the players to put extra pressure on themselves. “Maybe we are trying to do too much. We must look back and think about what went wrong,” Hathurusingha added. 


Hathurusingha dispelled the notion that constant changes in the batting order had adversely affected the team. Despite discussions in Bangladesh about players not having settled roles in the squad, Hathurusingha defended the initial team selection, saying, “One more batter could have made things complicated. When we selected this team before the World Cup, we thought they were the best performers.” 

The coach recognized that the team had not played up to their potential, especially in the batting department. He stressed the importance of playing fearless cricket and highlighted that the order in which a player bats is less critical than their mindset and approach to the game. 

Hathurusingha also discussed the limited time he had to prepare the team, having taken charge just seven months before the tournament. He acknowledged that certain factors beyond his control had influenced the team’s journey. He expressed his focus on the upcoming matches and creating a stress-free environment to help the players perform at their best.

In summary, Chandika Hathurusingha’s insights provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by the Bangladesh cricket team during the World Cup. While they have not met the high expectations set for them, Hathurusingha’s focus remains on the upcoming matches and shaping the team’s future. The journey continues, with lessons learned and improvements to come.” 

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