How good is Bangladesh Cricket Team

Bangladesh cricket team has come a long way. They were Once considered as one of the weak team in international cricket. But they have now established themselves as a tough competitor for any team. We will discuss, how good is Bangladesh cricket team at current time and how they have progressed and established themselves.

Consistent Improvement of Bangladesh Cricket Team

Bangladesh cricket team has improved consistently over the years. Their fighting spirit is unmatchable. They give their best in every game. In the early days, they were often dismissed for low scores and struggled to defend even modest targets. In recent years, they have improved their batting, bowling, fielding a lot. They have also become more competitive in limited-overs cricket. They have won few major matches and series too.

Current International Position of Bangladesh cricket team.

  • Bangladesh ranks 7 in ODIs out of 19 teams.
  • Bangladesh ranks 9 in Tests. Their performance in tests is not up to mark but they are improving.
  • They Rank 9 in ICC TWENTY20 ranking out of 80 teams.

New Talent

 Talented new players are a key factor in Bangladesh’s success. In the past, team was totally dependent on a few experienced and talented players, but now they have a strong bench of talented youngsters. New players have brought a new level of energy and excitement to the team. New players have proved themselves in recent series.  Domestic leagues like BPL contributed a lot in finding new talents.

 Home Advantage

Bangladesh also enjoys a strong home advantage. They play their home matches in Mirpur, which is a batsman-friendly wicket. They have won many matches here against top ranking teams. The support of home crowd is fantastic, and it helps them a lot. Bangladesh has a large no of cricket fans. Fans create a great atmosphere for the team.

Good performance in Limited-Overs Cricket

Bangladesh is now a good team in both ODIs and T20Is. They are performing very well in limited overs. They are giving tough competition to any team, and also winning matches against them. They have reached the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy, and they have also won a few major tournaments.

Performance in Test Cricket

Bangladesh is also doing good in Test cricket in recent years. Bangladesh have won a few Test matches against top-ranked teams. They rank 9th in the world. They still need to improve a lot in Test cricket. I future they will definitely do good in tests. They have all the capabilities.

Infrastructure and Support

The improvement of Bangladesh cricket team can also be attributed to the improved infrastructure and support. The government is also supporting them. Government has invested in infrastructure to support their cricket team.  The cricket board is also supportive to the team. All together board and government are doing many good things to create a cricket friendly environment in the country.

The Bangladesh cricket team has achieved a good growth in short period of time. They are now well recognized team in international cricket. They will continue to improve in the future. There are many factors of their success but some of the key factors are steady improvement, emerging talent, strong home advantage, and their competitiveness and spirit to fight.

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