How much salary Bangladesh cricket players get?

Ever wondered how much salary Bangladesh cricket players get? Today we’ll explore the remuneration structure of Bangladeshi cricket players. We will know their salaries, match fees, bonuses, sponsorships, and more.

Bangladesh Player earns from below mentioned sources.

  1. Central Contracts and Categories
  2. Match Fees
  3. Domestic Cricket Salaries
  4. Sponsorships and Endorsements
  5. Bonuses and Prizes

Central Contracts and Categories

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) uses central contracts categorized as A+, A, B, and C to pay players. The A+ category receives the highest salary, while C gets the lowest.

  • A+ Category Salary- 57000$ (6199824 BDT)
  • A Category Salary- 43000$ (4677060 BDT)
  • B Category Salary- $28,000 (3045528 BDT)
  • C Category Salary- $ 14000 (1522764 BDT)

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) pays this amount yearly apart from match fees and other fees.

The captain and vice-captain get an extra 20000 BDT and 10000 BDT respectively. Currently, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has central contracts with 17 players. As players gain experience and establish themselves in the national team, their salaries tend to increase. Good performances lead to promotions to higher contract categories, resulting in higher remuneration.

Match Fees

Apart from central contracts, players earn match fees representing the national team in different formats (Test, ODI, T20). These match fees depend on the nature of the series and the strength of the opposition. Furthermore, higher remuneration is typically paid for away series to compensate for the additional challenges faced by players in foreign conditions and meet their foreign expenses.

Approx match fees of Bangladesh Players.

  • Test Fee- $7,100 (772258 BDT)
  • ODI Fee- $3600(391567 BDT)
  • T20 International- $2400 (261045 BDT)

Domestic Cricket Salaries

Apart from their national team commitments, many Bangladesh cricketers actively participate in domestic cricket tournaments. They participate in Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and other regional leagues. These domestic competitions are also a good source of income for Bangladesh players. They get an opportunity to showcase their talent and earn as well based on their performances.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

salary Bangladesh cricket players through ads.
Sponsorships and Endorsements as a source of income of Bangladesh cricket players

Like cricket stars worldwide, Bangladesh players attract sponsorship and endorsement deals with brands. Successful players get more endorsement contracts. It hugely boosts their income. As cricket is very popular in Bangladesh, Brands love to associate themselves with cricket stars. Some international players get international brand endorsements and earn a good amount of money.

Bonuses and Prizes

Performances on the cricket field don’t just bring glory but also financial rewards. Players receive performance-based bonuses for individual achievements, such as scoring centuries or taking five-wicket hauls, as well as for team successes, such as winning series or tournaments. Man of the Match and Man of the Series is the biggest contributor in this category.

Apart from all these some Bangladeshi players get the opportunity to play in international leagues like IPL, which also contributes to their income.

These are the main sources of salary Bangladesh cricket players get.

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