Why Does Bangladesh Struggle in International Cricket?

Bangladesh is a passionate cricket nation and has a lot of potential to improve their game. They have some talented players like Soumya Sarkar, who outshone Sachin Tendulkar with a historic performance in the second ODI against New Zealand in Nelson, and Mustafizur Rahman, who was the emerging player of the tournament in the 2016 Indian Premier League. With more support, guidance and opportunities, Bangladesh can overcome their struggles and achieve greater success in international cricket. As a Bangla Cricket fan we feel there are several factors that can contribute to a team’s performance, and it’s important to consider them when evaluating Bangladesh’s cricketing journey. Some key factors include:

  • Lack of Experience: Bangladesh gained Test status in 2000 and had limited exposure to international cricket before that. Limited experience in top-level cricket can hinder a team’s performance.
  • Inconsistent Performances: Like any developing team, Bangladesh faced issues with consistency. They often showed flashes of brilliance but struggled to maintain high performance levels over an extended period.
  • Infrastructure and Resources: Developing cricket infrastructure and providing adequate resources for players’ development are crucial for success. Bangladesh, like many other developing cricketing nations, had to work on these aspects.
  • Quality of Opposition: Bangladesh competes against strong cricketing nations with a rich cricketing history. Facing top teams regularly helps in improving skills, but it can also be challenging for a developing team.
  • Mental Toughness: Cricket is not just a physical game; it requires mental toughness. Teams often take time to develop the mental resilience needed to perform consistently at the highest level.

We all know that Bangladesh has made significant strides in recent years, achieving milestone victories, reaching major tournament knockout stages, and producing world-class players. With continued investment in infrastructure, talent development, and strategic planning, Bangladesh has the potential to further establish itself as a competitive force in international cricket. As a Bangla cricket fan, we feel the solution that can be tried is to make a standard 6-8 team structure which will have coaches for 1 year that will be working with the players, and they should be playing a 4day, List A and maybe a T20 competition against each other. There should be a U19, and junior level setup linked to these teams and then you need to have a club structure as well (Not sure how is the structure currently in BD with regards to that). However, having good pitches would be the key to make it work.

BPL and shortcuts which the cricket administrators try to find don’t work in any sport. You need a base (Which is domestic structure) and then you build upon that.

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